24 June 2010

june 23

our beautiful view from the house, located in bottom left hand corner . lake chelan in the front and north cascades/stehekin to the right

june 22

window washing! on the rooof.

june 21

first stages of staining the deck. pressure washing !

june 20

happy fathers day! planting trees and moving shrubs in the rain!

june 19

sunset through the clematis

june 18

clouds on highway 2 on the way to chelan

17 June 2010

june 17

Eastern's football field....red turf here we come.

june 16

crazy italian pasta!

june 15

arts day-making cards

june 14

chillen in the brazilian hammock reading books

june 13

stephanie and matt's amazing wedding!

june 12

bbq with jenna and jarred and our sodas of choice

june 11

graduation!!!!! with the family!

memories quilt that mom and dad made :) so cool!!!

june 10

coffee with tennis class friends keri ann and ella before ella goes home to korea

june 9

RCLS bbq for all the graduating seniors, family and professors!

june 8

celebrating being done with college! ice cream and best friends. and unintentional matching.

june 7

"ironmay challege" 2010. bike 112 miles, run 26 miles, swim 2 miles. jarred, havala and i at the awards ceremony. we won most run miles and awesome technical tshirts!

07 June 2010

june 6

"hanging out" on a pole by SAFER lanyards for a few hours while the class learns about rescue scenarios...

dinner with 3 of my most favourite girls!!!

june 5

facilitation of the athletic training program orientation: swinging tires (which they dominated!) and burma bridge

june 4

beautiful half a day on the challenge course...sunshine! (its a rare occasion up there)

june 3

pretty sure this is a record, getting stopped 3 times in a day out of 4 times crossing over the tracks...

june 2

water balloon lacrosse with danae at "the blitz" campus recreation expo!

june 1

bbq'ed pizzzzzzzzzza.