31 May 2010

may 31

delightful run on a rainy day

may 30

bouldering at small laugh. aka minnehaha!

30 May 2010

may 29

spending the day with jarred, then making enchiladas for dinner!my pico de gallo vs his salsa haha

may 28

biscotti experiment! chocolate and almond. mom dad and anna on her Phi Eta Sigma honors fraternity initiation

28 May 2010

may 27

just a late night drive...

may 26

artichokes. delicious vegetable of the spring...

26 May 2010

may 25

student excellence awards: everyday leader nominee and outdoor programs student staff award!

may 24

our bible study pulling weeds at cheney care center

our 12 month celebrationg, thai dinner then drinks and music zola's at

may 23

bbq'd peppers eggplant skish k bob's and bubbly bread

may 22

dawnelle tiff cassie and i after AOII lip sync!

may 21

nikkee comes to visit! ice cream in spokane with allison dani mollie whit nikkee

may 20

4 on 4 volleyball tourney- josh marisa jarred and i...

may 19

happy birthday shea! volleyball in centennial until the rain storm

may 18

intramural volleyball championships played on Reese Court!

may 17

pita, hummus, eggplant, peppers, pickled onions/cukes

may 16

chillin on the roof of jarred's new house

may 14

relay for life-luminaries

may 13

softball grass stains and volleyball bruises-the joys of intramurals, especially playoffs

may 12

bible study entertainment: harlow and henry

may 11

biking the fish lake trail with jarred

may 10

environmental science exam studying and reading for english

may 9

family biking adventure on the wenatchee/east wenatchee loop trail

may 8

rays of sunlight through the quaking aspen

may 7

homemade hummus, pita, eggplant, peppers

belaying a middle school leadership class

may 6

EPIC bbq at kaitlin [team hypen's] house!

may 5

beautiful spring day with tulips and grape flowers outside our house!

may 4


may 3

rocking the dino braid

may 2

bloomsday! beth, jared, dani, jarred and i

may 1

grandma and mikes tour of cheney/EWU

april 30

mom and dad come to eastern! belaying dad up the climbing wall and homemade sushi

april 28

environmental science field trip to upriver dam: natural aquifer in 40 foot deep well and humongous wrenches!

april 27

tie dye in preparation for bloomsday!

april 26

operation put back the safeway cart from EPIC because the new Vice President is coming to visit

april 25

happy birthday anna! frosted brownies..mmm

anne and i in cashmere in our dry suits, last day of raft guide training

april 24

wenatchee river, rodeo hole which we swum multiple times and practiced throw bags and ate lunch

april 23

raft guide weekend 3: icicle creek, WA

april 22

placing pennies on the train tracks at fish lake...

april 21

glorious GAK

april 20

25 cent blizzards at DQ! girls night [marisa, mollie, chris, dani, allison, liz, becca]

april 19

environmental science test and english paper...

april 18

clarkfork , MT